The TETRA team has over 25 years experience creating compelling, memorable video productions for your business. From 30-second commercials delivered on local cable TV, to long-form promotional videos on DVD or the web, TETRA can work with you to envision and produce a video production to suit your business needs. Whether you are using video for marketing, promotion, instruction, or fund-raising, TETRA can help!


Let TETRA organize, coordinate and execute the audio/video portions of your seminar, training, gala, annual meeting, or other corporate function. By working with our network of audio/visual professionals and organizations, TETRA can help insure that you provide the best possible experience for your attendees.


TETRA members have been producing DVD video for athletic events since 2001. Specializing in the emotional re-telling of a season using video, music, interviews, and photos, a TETRA sports video production is a smash hit and a cherished memory at your year-end event.


A Video Resume is a DVD produced by TETRA that highlights the achievments, prowess, and personality of young high school athletes and performers seeking college scholarships. With experience in producing effective video resumes for students in baseball, football, basketball and soccer, TETRA can help your young athlete or artist in the difficult and competitive college recruiting effort.


Visit our newest offering:! One of TETRA's long-time specialties is youth sports Video Resumes for aspiring young athletes. As a service to our Video Resume clients, TETRA has often hosted videos on the Tetra website for easy viewing by coaches and recruiters. We grew the concept of See My Recruiting Video from those beginnings and are now pleased to announce the launch of our new website. Please feel free to visit!